Cranberries - Chocolate-lover - 200 gram

€ 2,95

A bag full of cranberries. This healthy snack is very good for: 

  •  Your immune system. The ammount of vitamin C and antioxidants, will let you heal faster from the flu or a cold. 
  •  Your heart and veins. Cranberries contain substances (phenols) which likely prevent your veins from clogging. In addition, they could lower bad LDL-cholesterol. 
  • Your digestion. Cranberries are full of fiber that help your bowel movements. 

The cranberry is full of vitamines and minerals. A hand of cranberries (100 gram) is already enough to reach the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. In addition, the cranberry contains vitamin B5, B6, E, K, manganese, coper en iron.